July '13

Unfortunately The Comedy of Errors got cancelled due to funding falling through last minute.

But on the upside I have started rehearsals for Macbeth, am very excited about this production, it gives a classic story a new modern twist.

Macbeth in the City Since the recession hit in 2008, the banking sector has been under continual scrutiny. From inflated bonuses to rogue trading, the Square Mile has left the British public wondering what really goes on behind closed doors. Is it the behaviour of the few which is corrupt? Or has the need to advance one’s own position simply become endemic in business culture? The press has plenty to say on the subject. ‘Outrage’ and ‘scandal’ are words which frequently litter front pages hungry for readers and revenue. The phone hacking and Savile scandals have proved that no institution is immune from blame, even if attempts to regulate the free media have as yet fallen on deaf ears. For as long as commercial agendas outweigh respect for privacy, who knows who may be spied on, hacked into or whistleblown. In our futuristic world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between rumour and reality. Who will hold business and the media to account? As Lord Leveson has recently discovered, auditing the press is no easier than the tax arrangements of Google or Starbucks. Of course, the sensationalism printed in the papers could be an accurate reflection of the corruption in business, but how can we be sure? Macbeth in the City examines these themes. Set in the offices of Dunsinane Hill Ltd, it explores what might become the norm in the future if current trends are left unchecked. Dunsinane Hill is facing an imminent hostile takeover by its progressive rivals, Birnam Wood Plc. Even though it has a virtuous CEO, Duncan’s conservative values and liberal leadership style leave him exposed to disloyalty and mutiny. Macbeth, despite his ambition, is not yet ready for the top job. Siward, Birnam Wood’s ambitious young female leader, is. The themes of Shakespeare’s original text – ambition, prophecy and power – have been preserved, but they have also been contemporised. The comsuming force of greed and determination are not lost here. But all the while, Hecate and her journalist witches snoop and report on the proceedings. Can they be trusted? If rogue trading and phone hacking is today's crime, who knows what might be de riguer in 50 years time.

Filmed the last scene for Dead Love, was an amazing shoot and am very sad it has come to an end, though am very excited to see the film in completion. Head to the Gallery page for behind the scenes photos of the shoot.

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