Audio Files

Selection of audio sketches and plays.


Year of production: 2012

Running time: 10:00 mins

Role: Sister Catherine

Synopsis: Three nuns escape the convent for a quick cigarette...

Quiz Masters - Audio Sitcom (Sit-Pod-Com)

Year of production: 2012-13

7 Episodes

Role: Rose Kettering

Synopsis: We meet our unlikely band of cohorts at the Molested Lamb weekly pub quiz for the first time. Can Ian rally his troops? Will Ollie find love? Will Nyle get his leg over? Can Rose stay true to her pledge? And will Jo stay sober? And those questions aren’t even in the quiz. Pens at the ready…



The 313 Show Podcast

Year of Production: 2012 - 2015

Role: Co-host/Various

Bringing you the original in sketch comedy.